Our Prices


Initial Assessment

If the source of the problem you are facing about your computer/tablet/mobile phone is unknown, then a free initial assessment will be conducted. Based on the result of the assessment, we will tell you repair recommendations and service charge as well as part expense, if applicable. The price quote will not be binding if you do not agree to it.  



Labour Cost

When we agree on repair work, standard price applies depending on the type and number of works involved. Before you commit to buy our service, you will be fully and transparently informed about the labour cost excluding any other part expenses or other applicable expenses. Once you agree, we will complete the repair work and deliver your device to you for quality check. 


Replacement Parts

When the repair or maintenance we recommend involves buying  new replacement parts, we make sure genuine and high quality parts are used with applicable and various levels of warranty.

If the part is available in our stock, we let you know the price and give you total quote right away to speed up the whole process. 

If the part has to be sourced from our suppliers, we agree time scale and line of communication(email/phone call) to proceed with getting updated price quote, actual purchase and carrying out the repair. All will be conducted with your full consent and approval. 



Call Out Charges

We bring our service to your doorstep if that is your preference or the nature of the problem dicates so.

The expense depends on the distance we have to cover to get to you. Our services cover Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland.